“When’s the last time you followed a healthy eating plan, proven to give you tons of energy and help you feel great?
You’re Gonna Get…
  • A full 7 day healthy eating meal plan that removes all the guessing and confusion
  • An exercise plan to help you burn extra fat while you follow our Jumpstart Nutrition Plan
  • 18 delicious fat burning recipes so you can feel satisfied and energized while you burn fat
  • Bottom line: This is the very same plan my most successful clients use to jumpstart their fitness results!


I’m the founder of Healthy Success Management, and I work with fitness enthusiasts and people of faith to help them attain higher levels of health, wealth and overall balance by leveraging my proven tailored individualize coaching protocol to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

What People Say About Me

Hector And Rebecca Guzman

BJ has been our personal trainer for the past 5 years. He has helped us stay strong and healthy with his motivation in fitness and nutrition. If we “fall off the wagon” for the weekend he gets us right back on track, we are also so grateful to have BJ as our personal life coach and friend!

Hector and Rebecca Guzman

Izabela Budzynski

I have met BJ little over 6 years ago. At the time I was struggling with obesity and depression aftre i gave birth to my first daughter.
It was not easy to put myself in the center for the first time in my life, but BJ was there for me every step of the way with comfort and encouragement I needed so much.
I have learned that self discipline is a key to success, yet without the right tools you can’t get far either. BJ introduced me to ‘get back to basics’ nutritional protocol and weight training that over about 30-90 days completely changed how I look and feel about myself forever. I have lost total of about 50 pounds, became stronger physically, more confident and balanced all around – my live changed completely thanks to BJ and system he created.

Izabela Budzynski